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Handmade Ceramic and fused Glass tiles
Designing Artistic Unique Synagogues
Stained glass, Tiffany Windows, Painted glass
Mural-Painted ceramic and glass Tiles
designing and creating Judaica art works
Application, samples of houses, kitchens, bath, doors
Handmade Unique, artistic House Signs
Art works, Monuments, Sculptures
Desisgning and producing Beit Leed Monument
Wall Painting
Handmade Jewelry designing and creating
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A letter of recommendation from a synagogue of Tunisian Jews, regarding Sara Konforty and her art work, written by the president of Amit synagogue, Dr. Shimon Harari, Amit – the global fund for Tunisi

A letter of recommendation regarding Sara Konforty and her work, written by the president of Amit synagogue, Dr. Shimon Harari
Amit – the global fund for Tunisian-Jewish heritage
Sara relates to her art and work fairly and honestly.
She creates spectacular and first-rate works of art for synagogues.
Many are the people who have praised her marvelous hand made creations. This is all connected to Mrs. Sara's logic, talent and unique knowledge.
Due to her talents and breathtaking works of art, she has acquired many dear friends and admirers, who seek to make use of her perfect works of art, which involve so much knowledge, artistic beauty and the enrichment of the synagogue, which find expression in her design and creation of Arks of the Torah (Aronot Kodesh), cantor's daises (Teivot Chazzan) etc.
Dear Sara, you may change what I have written or add to it, I wish you success in what ever path lies ahead of you, and I am sure that the Lord will help you, amen.
I recommend that any person who wishes to enjoy Mrs. Sara's unique art work come to our synagogue and enjoy her wonderful work and professional beauty.
I wish you the best of luck,
Dr. Harari Shimon        
Chairman of Amit
Amit – Association Mondiale des Israelites de Tunisie

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