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 From: lila lowell []
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2007 7:52 AM
To: Sara Konforty
Subject: Re: Sara -Email 3- 12/9/07

The results are beautiful. The kitchen is exquisite. It is not a room, it is an experience. You may show it to the world, we will be proud to be your advertisement. Please do not worry about anything that has to be adjusted. It will wait patiently.

Those beautiful round red beads of glass are so classy. They are delicate, colorful and give life to a space that would have been boring and empty. Just the right touch to accent the borders and the “pass.” You are a genius.

SO again, shana tova, a person such as yourself, so full of life and gaiety, deserves a very special, wonderful year.
Kitivah Vichatimah Tova!  Have a safe and fantastic vacation.      All our love, george and lila  (you see, we spell our names with lower case letters, not with capitals. It is erev Rosh Hashana and this is our way of being humble!)

 From: lila lowell [Sent: Monday, September 10, 2007 4:28 AM
To: Sara Konforty
Subject: Re: Sara -9.9.07

 Now it is my turn to tell you, “Don’t worry so much.” Whatever side emerges, will be the best side. How could it be otherwise?

I must tell you a “Rashi,” the comment of Rashi on counting. There are many places in Torah where Bnei Yisrael is counted and there are many, many pesukim listing the countings, the counting of the shevat, of the families, person by person and numbers. Rashi comments the reason for this is Gd’s love for His people. A king who has a treasure, jewels, money, for example, he will count it again and again. In fact, the British have a rhyme where it is mentioned, “The king is in the counting house, counting all his money......”

These tiles for you  and now for us, are a labor of love. Each one is precious, treasured by you and we feel it too. For the new year, may all those people you hold dear and precious, have a good year. The same for us, all the people we hold dear and precious, may they have a good year and that of course, includes our new friend, the creator of gardens. Sara’s gardens are like no other, they require no water, no weeding, no planting, no cutting. All you need to enjoy the garden, is a good eye, a warm heart and then the garden is there  for you always, summer and winter, rain or shine.

May you always be blessed. Much love,  Lila (and George)

From: lila lowell [Sent: Friday, September 07, 2007 5:25 PM
To: Sara Konforty Subject: Re: Lots of love- I did it- Sara






 On 9/7/07 9:54 AM, "Sara Konforty" <> wrote:

 Dear Lila and George,  I did it,  But I am so happy that I kept my promise,and finished all the work for you  on time.
  I created something that I am proud of it, with all my soul and love. I am
 happy that it is you who will have it- a part of my soul, a couple which I  have not see in my life, but I have so much love, respect, even admiration,  to such extraordinary carring, wise and sensetive as you.
 I signed my signature with love.
 Please watch it and tell me please, if you want me to leave it or to wash it  out.
 It will go soon to firing.
 Love you

From: lila lowell Sent: Friday, September 07, 2007 6:00 PM
To: Sara Konforty Subject: Re: Lots of love- I did it- Sara

 Dearest Sara,

I am pleading with you not to be upset with me. I just spoke to Aaron. The upper cabinets are in place but the worker who does the tile is an ordinary tiller
. I think you would agree that even if we have this delay, it would be best. You cannot ask a shlimazel handyman to hang a Rembrandt. You see, this is of your own doing for creating this masterpiece.
Aaron will see what he can do and will call you. Please, don’t be upset.

Kol tuv. Shabat shalom. Shana tova   Lila

 From: lila lowell Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2007 6:09 AM
To: Sara Konforty Cc: george lowell
Subject: Re:
דבש וחלב תחת לשונך 6.9.07

 Good evening Sara or Good night Sara or Good morning Sara,
You choose the greeting that is appropriate!
I do not worry that people will weep in the kitchen. The tears that well up in the eyes after seeing your work, they are very special tears. You have shown us a glimpse of Gan Eden and we weep for what we almost had. Mankind had an entire garden, a beautiful garden filled with all kinds of vegetation and despite all that plenty what did  mankind  do? He had available to him, hundreds, thousands, countless numbers of trees and shrubbery and all kinds of vegetation, mankind ignored all he had, forsook  all the perfection prepared and arranged for him. He ate of the forbidden tree and lost everything.  He lost everything heavenly and remained only with his mortal self.

When we view your work, we connect to that innocent, beautiful, perfect time. We weep because we are overcome with the beauty. We weep for what we have lost. We weep for what might have been. But we do not despair because these are also tears of hope. Each of us in our own way can contribute to paving the road of mankind’s return, whether through the arts as you do in your painting or acts of loving kindness,  or whatever.  Perhaps what thety call “tikun olam.” Your beautiful painting is the destination, our struggle is to find our way there.

See what is happening? Now you are studying Chumash and Tehillim. My dearest Sara, I hope you will continue painting and not run off and hide yourself in a Yeshiva!

Kol Tuv, Bravo! A good year and a good night,  Lots of love,  Lila
From: lila lowell Sent: Friday, September 07, 2007 12:08 AM
To: Sara Konforty Subject: Re: Sara _ New photos - Email 2 -

On 9/6/07 4:17 PM, "Sara Konforty" <> wrote:

Dear Lila and George,
I send you the photos in the previous email,  to make you happy. Neither of us knew if all the parts will combine together fine. Well, It sits together as a glove to the hand, as Lila to George, as Sara to you….I was so happy to see it together. I couldn’t believe that it is all in such a harmony. You Lila was afraid that the side parts will be too much to the crown paintings, I was too. But it is amazing together; one part enlarged the impact on the other. You can’t see it very well in the photos, but I assure you that even I was surprised to see it – as a magic. Each part has his beauty, and influence the others so, and only makes the whole impression stronger. When I saw the flowing lines of the vines you created, I knew it would fit together gracefully and not farpatchket. You have created a work for palace salon. I must thank you, you have renewed my interest in the apartment. Whatever excitement or interest I had in the past, was lost in the pain and stress of the slow going, never ending renovations. Thank you so much for your joyous gift and your joyous spirit.

I am doing efforts to finish until tomorrow at least the parts of the window. If there will remain the 2 side walls I will finish it the next 2 days and will come again to Jerusalem at Tuesday. At Sunday I will be at 8 o’clock in your apartment, until we will finish, or until the workers will go. Please don’t stress yourself and push yourself beyond reasonable efforts. We love your work, we love you and whenever it can be installed, we will be thrilled to see it.

George is very photogenic and would probably be a wonderful asset to the photos. I will hide among the flowers.

I am starting to paint the new parts- unless you have any remarks. No remarks because we have run out of positive adjectives and words of praise. Now your paintings have made us speechless, the highest form of communication, when words fail. We are  totally, totally overwhelmed by such a splendid production.

Notice please, that around the window as well there are the entire 7 minim. That is perfect. Fruits and vegetables grow best in natural light.

 I will be glad that you will continue to write everyday, whatever you want to, or say about’ think about, dream about, etc….I am so flattered. I never take my writing seriously and you have been so inspiring for me. Thank you ever so much for this precious invitation to your web. I was also speaking to my daughter, the one with 3 shepsalach and one on the way. She is funnier and much more accomplished than I. we thought of some ideas for children’s books, to work together and have you do the illustrations. Just think, we can be famous in day care centers the world over!

Kol tuv, lots of love,  Lila

From: lila lowell Sent: Friday, September 07, 2007 4:48 AM
To: Sara KonfortySubject: Re: Sara _ New photos - Email 2 -

 On 9/6/07 6:18 PM, "Sara Konforty" <> wrote:

Thank you so much for every thing  It is a zechut for us to work with someone with whom we have “safah mishutefet.”
Laila Tov my dear sweet friend, a good night,  a good Shabbt and a good year.   Lila

From: Lila Lowell
Sent: Monday, September 03, 2007 1:09 AM
To: Sara Konforty Cc: George Lowell;
Subject: Re: 2.9.07 - Sara- Left and Right the crown painting

 Dearest Saraleh,
How very romantic. There is King George in the garden of Solomon Hamelech, bringing a flower to his queen (me?) surrounded by fruits and flowers, a garden filled with joy and serenity, a taste of Gan Eden.  I like the ambience, it flows, it sings, it radiates happiness. There was no sheka in Gan Eden, nothing was plugged in, nothing was artificial, nothing had preservatives, nothing was processed, and everything was natural and beautiful, like Sara’s paintings.
Alas and alack, one little mistake and poof, everything changed. And now, here is Sara trying to bring back to the world the original beauty of the original garden but it cannot totally be achieved. We are still stuck in this kind of existence where we cannot function without a shekah, without drawing our energy from a grounded source, not a celestial source.
So, I leave it to you and to George to work out the details while I enjoy the notion of the beauty you are bringing to our home and the suggestion of a look backward to a perfect time in a perfect garden and maybe even a suggestion of a look forward to a time when again, we will have a perfect garden.

Thank you so much my sleepless friend. Kol tov and shavua tov.  Lila

From: lila lowell []
Sent: Friday, August 31, 2007 6:53 PM
To: Sara Konforty
Cc: george lowell; Aaron Weiss
Subject: Re: Photos 4 - Sara- Left and Right the crown paintung

 My very dearest Saraleh,
This is the email I was going to send before the phone call. Here it is anyway!
You cause us nothing but problems. Here it is erev Shabbat, I must do some cooking but first I took a look at your pictures and now I need to rush off to the hospital for oxygen, you have completely blown my breath away.
 Celestial beauty. So light, so airy, so graceful, flowing like the milk and honey of our precious land. Saraleh, you too, vayahee erev, vayahee boker, yom shishi and you too are completing your creation.
We thank you so very much for the joy and the gift you have given us.
 A painting is a very, very special gift because it keeps on giving, each time we look at it, we experience the joy anew and so it continues,  for eternity.
We love your work, we trust you completely, paint as you wish, design as you wish, I believe we totally understand one another and we will not interfere with your creative genius.
Saraleh, may you be blessed and your family be blessed  and may you all always be in joy, like your paintings and continue to bring joy into this world. You have created a magical kingdom, filled with happiness, a taste of the world to come.
 Shabbat Shalom Umivorach. And if you see this email after Shabbat,  Shavua Tov Umivorach.
 Your very dear and loving friend,  Lila (and George)

I liked the work. It is very alive and amusing, what we call whimsical. minim, maybe 3 of.  I am sure the kitchen will look beautiful and very, very unique.

I very much liked the way you did the hutch and the scattering. It is really not what I had envisioned but it is freer and more expansive.  It works beautifully.

About the kitchen area. I like the way you did the scatter. Small birds and flowers are fine.  I really feel badly cramping your freedom and artistic liberties but I am also a bit Yekkie and compulsive.

Otherwise, as we say here, “go for it” and as we say there, “kadimah.”

Many thanks for all your hard work, time, effort and energy. Please calculate the price so it is fair. I understand you put in much more time and work than you initially estimated when you agreed to take on this project.  We have been renovating for one and a half years, we are very familiar with cost adjustments.

Have a wonderful day. You are blessed with a special artistic gift bli ayin hora and we are very appreciative of all your efforts and so is our kitchen. Don’t make it too beautiful, we will be afraid to spoil the beauty by actually cooking in it.

Have a wonderful day. Kol Tuv.  Lila

 From: lila lowell Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2007 2:12 AM
To: Sara Konforty
Cc: george lowell; 'Aaron Weiss'
Subject: Re: Sara - tile borders

OY VEY! What will I ever do with my life when this project is completed?

I think we understand one another. I am so impressed at how much you would like to please us, how serious you are about your work, how invested you are in satisfying your clients without sacrificing your creative spirit. I have every confidence it will be beautiful.  Who knows, we may have to sell tickets to all the people lining up to view the kitchen when word gets out. Still, “beauty,” we say, “is in the eye of the beholder.”  What is beautiful for one person, may be “chalushes” for another person so I think we are fortunate and have a fantastic agreement because we are both listening to one another and we are both bending and accommodating without sacrificing our inherent sense of good taste. B’Ezrat Hashem,  we will ultimately have art work that we are both excited and happy about.

Thanks ever so much. Kol tuv. Laila tov.  Lila

On 8/15/07 6:10 PM, "Sara Konforty" <> wrote:

Dear Lila,
Can you send me please the exact place where you want me to paint a picture all over the tiles, Have all a great Rosh hodesh

Shalom Sara

I just received your email and will respond in detail later. For now, many, many thanks. Your work is absolutely wonderful.
Can I call you tomorrow about 4PM your time? Then we can talk as I look at the pictures.
Kol tuv, Laila tov,  Lila

On 8/6/07 6:32 PM

 I have read all the emails and reviewed all the photos that Sara sent. I think the photos are very beautiful and give us lots of ideas for what we can do with the Nitilat Yadayim.

I want to thank you all very much. When I studied Tanach in school, I always found the minute descriptions of the building of the Mishkan in Parshat Shmote and the building of the Bet Hamikdash in Sefer Malachim, very, very boring. And now, at long last, I understand how it is that Hashem was so exacting in His descriptions. Of course, there are no drawings in Tanach and perhaps like me, Moshe Rabeinu, had trouble visualizing the construction and therefore all the repetition!

May all of you skilled artisans, continue to have the zechut of using your talents and energies in building  and rebuilding our eternal city and our eternal home.

Kol tuv, chodesh tov, shana tova,  Lila

From: lila lowell
Sent: Sunday, September 09, 2007 9:43 PM
To: Sara Konforty
Subject: Re: Sara -9.9.07

 Dearest Sara,
Last night we were in Bet Knesset to say Slichot at Midnight so we are very tired. But here are the answers.

On 9/9/07 2:07 PM, "Sara Konforty" <> wrote:

Dear Lila and George
Thank you so much for your compliments, it means to me a lot. That was my purpose, to make you happy through my work.You earned the compliments, all on your own!
This time of year, the cheshbon we worry about, is cheshbon hanefesh. If only that were as simple as tiles. We could give numbers to an evaluation of ourselves and then say to the Rebono Shel Olam, you see, I owe you .....number of mitzvot to do or maybe the opposite, I have a credit of ........mitzvot. Wouldn’t it make things simple? But we nebech have to guess. What did I do this year? What should I have done? What can I still do? What can I undo? What should I avoid never to do? And so it goes on.  Luckily, The Rebono Shel Olam is kind, merciful, forgiving, loving, gracious and able and willing to receive us with and without our troublesome cheshbonot. We live with  hope and with promise, next year will be better, I will do better, I will try harder and hopefully, the Rebono Shel Olam will do better for us, a better world, less illness, less war, less suffering, more happiness, more health, more peace and more “naches” everyone from everyone else.

Kol Tuv and lots of love.  Lila

-----Original Message-----
From: George Lowell
Sent: Sunday, September 09, 2007 9:20 AM
To: Sara Konforty
Cc: lila lowell; Aharon Weiss
Subject: Re: New Photos - 5.9.07

 To Sara:

1.    To Sara : everything is beautiful and I agree with Lila in

everything she said.

2.     To Sara: the side walls are partcularly beautiful.  obviously, you

should sleep less since the painting got more and more delicate and

beautiful as youhad less and less sleep (just kidding).



From: lila lowell
Sent: Sunday, September 09, 2007 8:25 AM
To: Sara Konforty
Subject: Re: New Photos - 5.9.07

 Shavua Tov and Shana Tova,

We just returned from Tfilat Slichot and for once, like you, we are up in the middle of the night!

We are  willing to  pay for the better person because there is no point in creating beautiful tiles and not having them installed as properly as possible. Your tiles are a prize worthy work of art aside from our very emotional attachment to you and your tiles and the ambience they generate.

We are now on the eve of a new year. We live in a very troubled world and even our little country, a tiny spec on the map and yet so many, many problems. When we look at the tiles, we forget the troubles and the pains and the tsoris. We see only cheerfulness and harmony, beauty and serenity. We see a hint of what the world could be and how things could be within our very little country, a total peace  and joy reigns in the painting.

May Hashem grant all of us a new year that brings us closer to the existence you have shown us in your work.

With much love and appreciation, Lila


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