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Handmade Ceramic and fused Glass tiles
Designing Artistic Unique Synagogues
Stained glass, Tiffany Windows, Painted glass
Mural-Painted ceramic and glass Tiles
designing and creating Judaica art works
Application, samples of houses, kitchens, bath, doors
Handmade Unique, artistic House Signs
Art works, Monuments, Sculptures
Desisgning and producing Beit Leed Monument
Wall Painting
Handmade Jewelry designing and creating
My Studio


Sara Konforty - in her personality, appearance and behavior - is a phenomenan. This finds expression not only in her art. It is part of a contemporary postmodernistic of integrating art in life. In Konforty's works the contrasts too are prominent

Sara Konforty is a well- known artist. Over the years, her creative activities have been devoted to many and varied fields: paintings, collages, conceptual and decorative works.

Sara Konforty is noted for her unique creativity and her unbounded energy which finds expression in her many works, Reflecting an obsessive devotion of her talented creativity

   Raya Zommer
   Director of Janco-Dada Museum

 Curriculum Vitae

Born in Poland, Lives in Israel

1973 - B.A. in Economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem

1990 - Finished Art Studies at the College for the Training of Art Teachers, Ramat Hasharon

1990-95 Managed the "Sara Konforty Gallery" in Jaffa, Israel

 About Sara Konforty

 “Sara Konforty - in her personality, appearance and behavior - is a phenomenon. This finds expression not only in her art. Sara Konforty is a well- known artist.”

Raya Zommer, Director of the Janco-Dada Museum, Ein-Hod, Israel

 “The book, which always lies open in Konforty's work, takes us into the hidden worlds of the artist - and likewise into our own.”
Meir Ahronson, Director of the Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan, Israel

 “She [Sara Konforty] speaks a new language, whose vocabulary is known but whose combinations are original. The common methods of classification, sorting, and coding have been overthrown for the sake of an alternative space. A cultural breathing space.”

 Hadara Scheflan-Katzav, Curator, the Traveling Exhibition produced by the Department of Visual Arts, Omanut La'am Institute Art and Culture

   Sara Konforty Profile- 2019

Living Art

Sara Konforty's numerous artworks, artistic creations, have been extensively exhibited in Israel and around the world

Her work is well received by both critics and by public.

Sara Konforty has chosen to exploit her prolific artistic talents on a practical level in interior and exterior design. Her Motto bravely states: Art and beauty are not privileged luxuries. She firmly believes that her unique creations add a new dimension to our daily living space, private home or public building. The transformation of our everyday surroundings through Sara's artistic forms heightens the senses and beautifies the quality of life itself.

Blank walls are transformed to reflect love and beauty, hope and dreams.

             Sara is offering her designing in the categories:

              Special art works, unique hand made furniture for synagogues

            Stained Glass

            Handmade Glass and Ceramic Tiles.

            Judaic - Handcrafted art works

             Handmade Glass Jewelry,

  Sara Konforty’s studio is also in a position to accept orders according to the customers Motives in each category.

 Sara’s mission is to create  dialog between art and living in the form of unique and quality products available to one and all that bring joy and embellishment to the intimacy of the home and the environment at large.

The company exports to countries worldwide, including France, Belgian, Germany, England, the U.S.A, South-America, Australia and South-Africa. The products are sold through the most prestigious outlets all over the world.

 Sara invites you to discover the secret art of glass and to visit her unique studio in Raanana’ where you can view masterpieces of her designing.

Let the website speak for itself…

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