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Handmade Ceramic and fused Glass tiles
Designing Artistic Unique Synagogues
Stained glass, Tiffany Windows, Painted glass
Mural-Painted ceramic and glass Tiles
designing and creating Judaica art works
Application, samples of houses, kitchens, bath, doors
Handmade Unique, artistic House Signs
Art works, Monuments, Sculptures
Desisgning and producing Beit Leed Monument
Wall Painting
Handmade Jewelry designing and creating
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Sara Konforty - 2018

Painted 4 entrance doors with glass for the Synagogue Moreshet Avot in Netanya


Sara Konforty - 2018

10 painted windows - Synagogue Moreshet Avot- Netanya


Sara Konforty- April 2014- The Hebrew Television

 Designing Vitrages and a special wall painting for synagogue:

  I am planning and designing for a synagogue in Yahooed a special art work, above the Aron Hakodesh. The wall painting will be on 20 meters and it will look as sculptured mountains of Jerusalem.

I am producing for the art creation special ceramic, special fusing glass, and ceramic with glass, than I will combine it, with all kind of pesifas, painting on glass, into one unique creation for the synagogue.


The second project which I am working on, is vitrages for a synagogue in Renatyah, for the ezrat Nashim. I ma painting the 7 minim on 5 pieces of glass, all together are 7 meters of vitrages. The synagogue is for the Jews of Morocco. 

The art work must be finished until Rosh Hashana.

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